A Look At The Three Best Portable Vaporizers

images (3)When something new is launched in the market, then the comparison is obvious with its predecessor and other competitors in the market. Therefore, when the Arizer Air vaporizer was launched it was compared with Solo, which was from the same flagship along with the Haze and Pinnacle Pro. The comparison with the Solo was merely on the basis of developments. The users wanted to know what more to expect from the Arizer Air as compared to Solo. They were also interested to know how well it performed from its other competitors. Now, when Arizer Air is making all the buzz in the market, it is a good time to know what the competitors are offering and whether they are better than Arizer Air or not!

Three best portable vaporizers

  1. Haze Vaporizer – People who have been using Haze vaporizer, says that they prefer haze over others because it comes with dual bowl. This system allows the users to use vape concentrates as well as dried herbs simultaneously at various temperature settings. If you are a vape enthusiasts who doesn’t want to settle for just about anything, then Haze is the perfect solution for you. It will provide you with the flavorful vapor of high quality anytime you want. If you start using the Haze vaporizer once, then you will find it hard to find a replacement for that. It gives you the high you have been looking for. Another important feature of this Haze vaporizer is that it allows you to store the mouthpiece on the device only when not in use. This helps in the prevention of the mouthpiece from breaking.
  2. Arizer Air – By incorporating some major improvements in the Solo, the Arizer Air was introduced in the market. It comes with 5 level temperature settings and amazing vapor quality. If you are looking for fantastic flavor, then you can access the three lower settings and in case, vapor is the thing for you, then you can simply lay your fingers on higher settings. It is highly portable and the vape enthusiasts are already giving a big thumbs up for this wonderful vaporizer. Switchable batteries make the vaporizer even more appealing to the users. Sometimes, we don’t feel like listening to the beep while turning it on or off, so if you want, you can simply turn off the feature and enjoy a noiseless operation. You can also head directly to the settings that you generally opt for, every time you turn on the unit as well.
  3. Pinnacle Pro – One of the reasons why you must give Pinnacle Pro a thought is due to its hydro tube gear. It is always suggested that you use this hydro tube, which is a tube made of plastic and finds its place on top of the vaporizer. This system ensures that the vapor, which comes out is much thicker and far cleaner as well. Once you use this, you will never want to try out anything else because of the amazing vaping experience that it provides.


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