A Guide For UK Hair Salons To Make Energy Savings

UK businesses can all stand to gain from energy savings by offering their clientele more competitive products and services. According to Utility Bidder, hair salons can significantly reduce their costs by becoming more energy-efficient in their premises. Hair salons offer the same quality services repeatedly to different clients to ensure that they become a well-known name in the industry. Hair salons could be incurring unnecessary extra costs if they are unknowingly squandering valuable resources. 

Who Is This Guide For?

This guide will apply to you if you are an SME and you haven’t recently looked into reducing your energy bills. This guide will be especially useful if you have no idea how to identify where you can make savings on your bills. This guide can be an important resource if your energy bills are not a large portion of the overall cost of your final product or service. The information in this guide will be helpful especially if energy management is not your specialization. 

Where To Get Started?

Time, money, efforts or energy, no entrepreneur wants to waste valuable resources. This is especially true if you working in a highly competitive industry such as a beauty salon. Businesses can cut their energy bills if they can reduce avoidable energy losses. Gas and electricity prices may not be your main source of concern, but it doesn’t hurt to identify what is your greatest influence on energy price volatility. 


Leaving the heater running for longer periods on a higher temperature setting is one of the easiest ways to incur the highest energy bills. Thermostats and timers on heaters are installed and all too easily forgotten about. Taking the following steps can help to ensure that your heating system is working productively.

  1. Make sure that timers show the correct date and time
  2. The temperatures are set between 19°C and 24°C in places where there is not much physical activity
  3. Appoint a staff member to be in charge of the temperature controls and make sure no one tampers with it
  4. Ensure that the temperature controls take into consideration the visitors that will or will not be there on the weekend 
  5. Regularly have the HVAC system checked to ensure that it is running efficiently

Installing door closers and seals on windows can help ensure that there are no unnecessary draughts when the HVAC system is running. 


Lighting costs can be responsible for 40% of the energy bill costs for a small business. The following small changes can have a huge impact on your overall lighting costs.

  1. Switch off lights in unoccupied rooms.
  2. Label switches so that everyone knows how to turn a light specific light switch on or off. 
  3. Move objects like towel stands or filing cabinets that obstruct light coming towards the floor.
  4. Increase the use of natural light during the day by using skylights.
  5. Make sure that skylights are cleaned regularly. 
  6. Consider light reflective paint on the walls to minimise the need for extra lights.
  7. Consider horizontal lighting fixtures instead of vertical lights. 
  8. Make sure the lights are placed in the ideal location based on where they are needed most. There is no point in illuminating the roof of your workspace. 

In addition to the lights, make sure that the staff uses the office equipment and appliances efficiently. Do not leave appliances unnecessarily on standby for the next person to turn them off because this can waste precious energy resources. 


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