7 Easy and Effective Ways to Speed Up Google Chrome

Here is How to Make your Google Chrome Faster

Google chrome is one of the most popular web browsers around the globe. In spite of all its great features, updates, and bug fixes, it could be slow at times because for some the reasons. Thankfully, there are several tips and tricks to speed up your sluggish browser to increase your overall productivity and efficiency.

If your browser is feeling a little sluggish and out of order, here is a comprehensive guide on how to speed up Google Chrome for optimum performance.

Things you Can Do to Speed Up Google Chrome

Update Chrome to the Latest Version

Installing the latest version is one of the best ways to make your chrome browser faster and more secure. Just like other software and web apps, you should update your browser on a regular basis to get all the issues and bugs fixed for the utmost performance. Checking the three dots of the burger menu is the best way to determine whether an update is available or not. When the dots are gray, it shows that your browser is updated. If they are green, it means an update has been waiting for 2 days, if orange then 4 days and if red it means 7 days. Be quick to install updates if you really want to enjoy faster browsing without facing issues.

Clear Browsing Data

A lot of browsing and cache data also make your browser slower. So, clear your browsing data before you close your browser after doing work. CTR + H can take you to the browsing history page where you can easily get rid of all the data to make it faster. For best results, choose the ‘from the beginning of time’ option to make sure everything is removed from the history and cache.

Clean up your Apps and Extensions

Chrome extensions and add-ons can do wonders for you when it comes to expanding its capabilities. But, also keep in mind that every extension or add-on added to the browser requires a particular amount of resources to work properly. And if there are extensions you are not using; they can make your Brower sluggish instead of boosting its performance. Type chrome: extensions in the search bar and go through all the apps and extensions installed. Get rid of all the extensions that you are not using anymore. It will make your chrome faster and more efficient too.

Opt for Smart Tab Management

If you need to keep tons of tabs open while working, it is one of the main causes to bog the browser down for poor performance. The more tabs will be open, the slower chrome will perform. The Great Suspender is the perfect solution for this problem as it is an extension that runs in the background and eliminates all the tabs that you have not looked at after the set time frame. It helps you keep all the important tabs open and suspend the unnecessary tabs quickly to provide you with a faster browsing experience.

Google Chrome Lite for Mobile

This one is for mobile users. Chrome for Android has a handy hidden option that takes slow-loading web pages through Google’s server to make them quicker to open. Lite Mode of mobile chrome is an incredible feature that not only provides you with faster browsing speed but also helps you save a big deal of mobile data. Usually, it is on for new devices but if you want to turn this feature manually, just go to Chrome’s settings and scroll down to the bottom. Tap the line labeled ‘Lite Mode and then flip the toggle to on if it was off.

Run a Malware Scan

Running a quick malware scan is another best way to speed up your sluggish browser. Run a scan with your anti-malware tool to make sure there is nothing nefarious running in the background. Windows10 has a strong Windows Defender that keeps all the antivirus, malware, and other malicious programs away from your computer. You can also use a third-party malware scanner to make sure your computer and browser are malware-free.

Give It a Fresh Start

Resetting the settings of Google Chrome to its default state is another proven way to make it faster. When you reset the settings, it eliminates all apps and extensions to their default settings and gives you a fresh and faster start. This step is not advisable for everyone who is facing issues of slow browsing issues, but a handy practice if nothing else is making things perfect for you. You can easily reset your chrome settings by clicking settings> Advanced> Restore settings to their defaults.  

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