5 Ways To Efficiently Attract And Hire Great C++ Developers

You may think your job posting is spot on, your salary is attractive, and your company is doing interesting projects. But once you start, the good candidates are gone after the first few steps. 

This isn’t because you haven’t tried to attract highly qualified developers, but because other recruiting methods are better, so they just give up on you.

So how can you get experienced C++ developers to join your recruitment process and hire the most qualified candidates? Are you really efficient at getting the word out about your company? Are your selection processes the right ones?

We’ll explain how to find the professionals who can make all the difference and truly transform the outcomes of your company.

What strategies do you’ve to use to find the best C++ developer?

1. Reduce costs by promoting from within

Nothing shows your company culture better than providing good opportunities for your current employees. It’s about building trust in those who add quality to your brand every day. Plus, you can attract tremendous talent and reduce your cost per hire, optimizing time and resources.

Your current employees are already very knowledgeable about technical tasks and fit the company culture and internal policies, so use the time you would spend on training to actually work on the specific skills you need. 

Plus, build a referral system to search inside and outside your team for your star C++ developer.

With references and recommendations, you’ll ensure that you’ve quality candidates with an existing relationship of trust. Given the high turnover in the technology industry, it’s helpful to start the recruiting process with the backing of people you already know.

Promoting an employee or hiring a professional referral frees you up:

  • Constantly posting external job openings
  • Screening candidates from scratch
  • Preliminary interviews
  • Detailed background checks
  • Lengthy orientation meetings or training sessions

In addition, any good professional recognizes the quality of a company when they know it gives their team the confidence to grow. Nothing attracts top talent like giving them the opportunity to grow and build a career.

2. Determine the top-notch technical skills you need

You’ve decided on the best way to recruit good candidates, so it’s time to determine the technical skills you want to query. A good programmer shouldn’t only be fluent in the C++ language, but also know code structure while managing good self-organization and self-motivation skills, for example.

That’s a good combination of hard and soft skills. Let’s define what’s needed for each type.

Hard skills

  • Mastery of the C++ language and it’s current standards
  • Working with object/solution oriented development
  • Proficiency in algorithms used to effectively solve problems
  • Understanding document databases (MYSQL – PostgreSQL)
  • Keeping the version control of such databases up to date
  • Master the design of embedded systems
  • Programming with Python, Java, Go, Node.js, Valgrind
  • Knowledge of code versioning tools such as Git, SVN and Mercuria
  • Developing graphical user interfaces
  • Mastery of the tech stack for C++ programmers

Soft Skills

  • Efficient management of time and resources
  • Quick resolution of conflicts or errors
  • Willingness to continually learn and upgrade skills
  • Meet deadlines for project delivery and/or completion
  • Confidently communicate changes or suggestions

A combination of all these skills will result in hiring a star professional with whom you can work efficiently and grow as a team.

3. Use a solid C++ programming hiring test

Once you’ve a list of technical skills to evaluate, it’s time to use good skills analysis software. This type of system will help you find out if the applicant knows how to program an algorithm in C++ and perform tasks that test all the necessary programming skills in this language.

The idea behind these pre-employment tests is to avoid the bias that comes with competency testing and focus only on the hard skills that a good developer needs to master. All you’ve to do is send it to each participant and wait for the feedback.

To reduce operational costs and optimize time, you can query the skills of any number of applicants: 5, 10, 20, or 100 and get immediate results. All c++ programming pre-employment tests create a ranking based on the score of each applicant, showing you not only the best applicants but also those who excel in the particular skills you search for.

4. Be straightforward and transparent with the candidates

Hiring the right talent doesn’t end when you determine that a candidate has what you’re looking for; the human part of the process follows with subsequent interviews. Communicate appropriately and confidently what the job is about to know if it fits what each of them is looking for and create the right synergy within the process. 

Both parties should see each other as the perfect match.

Make sure to:

  • Be as clear as possible. This is your first contact with the applicant, so it’s important to make a good impression
  • Explain in detail all the important aspects of the job and why this is a great career opportunity for them
  • Don’t exaggerate or promise things that aren’t in line with the company culture
  • Keep in mind that what they’re most interested in are the tasks they’ll perform and the benefits the company offers

Design the job description to explain it properly, keeping this basic structure in mind:

  • Your company’s profile and track record in the industry
  • Job description with the main responsibilities and tasks
  • Requirements for knowledge or skills
  • Benefits

5. Offer highly compelling benefits

Yes, good benefits will make the difference. It’s important to position your brand in an attractive way, not only to attract the best C++ programmers but also to retain them for the long term. 

We’ve already talked about staff turnover in this field, so it’s important that you retain your talent with the best possible terms.

Finding talent in the digital and tech field ends up being highly competitive, so you need to measure yourself side by side with other companies. Many are developing tremendous employer branding strategies, and it’s important that you don’t fall behind. 

This involves not only offering a competitive salary but also explaining why working for you is the best thing that can happen to applicants. The best benefits you can offer a highly skilled developer are:

  • Competitive salary: see how much your competitors are paying and offer an increase, usually 10-15%
  • Remote work: work-life balance is a must in a post-pandemic world. If it’s an IT job, believe in the digitalization of your business and that everything can be managed remotely
  • New technologies: when we talk about all the technical skills the ideal candidate should be able to do, offer them the support to execute them. State-of-the-art equipment, user-friendly incident reporting and review systems, and innovative communication systems. Also, leave the window open for their suggestions
  • Opportunities for growth: ongoing training systems, scholarships for technical and professional development courses, and opportunities for advancement within the company. We’ve already mentioned the importance of presenting yourself as a company that encourages internal growth
  • Days Off: rest and recovery days are necessary, but don’t limit yourself to just vacation time. Offer days off for birthdays, reaching goals, or childbirth. Leave a certain number of days open for the employee to use at their leisure
  • Discounts and/or economic support for personal equipment: let them know that investing in technology goes beyond the gates of your business. Offer them coupons or gift cards to buy what they need for themselves, while also tying it to the achievement of an important goal

Your company shouldn’t only be an option to earn a salary and have professional stability, but also to make your star C++ developer feel that they are part of the best workplace.

Be efficient and apply these ways to get the best talent

We showed you everything you need to make your recruiting and hiring process as optimal as possible. In short, keep in mind:

  • Foster a culture of promotions and referrals: leverage the talent you already have in your workforce to expand your search while reducing your investment in hiring
  • Be clear about the technical skills the programmer you’re looking for must’ve, and pair them with the soft skills that are just as important
  • Use the best software for the screening, assessment and hiring process
  • Be clear, direct and sincere with the new talent: the best way to attract them – and keep them – is if what you offer matches the reality of the job
  • Optimize the benefits you offer: everything you save in the hiring process can be invested in what matters at the end of the day, retaining the talent you hire

Now you’ve everything you need to execute the plan – congratulations! You’ve just secured the C++ developer your company needs and deserves.

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