5 Totally Surprising Reasons to Use A VPN

Using a VPN can be a safe way to go online. The functionality is the same as a firewall, and it steers away potential cyber-attacks. A VPN can keep your internet traffic and data fully encrypted. The additional safety net can be great for home and office use. The first thing I did after getting a Call Spectrum was to install a good VPN.   

You probably already know much about the safety a VPN provides. Although that feature is all that gets discussed, it barely scratches the surface. There is so much you can do with it that no one tells you about! A VPN can provide all kinds of unexpected benefits, and this article will talk about some of them. 

#1: Access Blocked Websites  

Many times, schools and workplaces restrict the use of certain websites. Many workplaces have a no social media and entertainment policy. So, if you connect to their internet, you have to follow the rules. Almost all networks have their own restriction policies. There may be competitor websites or even insecure ones that your employer doesn’t want you to see.  

Accessing blocked websites is possible if you use the best VPN services. It is the lifeboat you had been waiting for on a dull Monday morning at the office. The VPN would encrypt all your data, and the network wouldn’t know which website you are accessing. They can still learn how long you were online and how much data you have consumed. So, if you were streaming videos and used up more data than usual, it might raise some eyebrows.  

#2: Unblock Netflix   

Using a VPN to access Netflix can introduce you to a lot more content. Netflix has a different set of shows and movies available for different locations. If you are in London but want to access the Netflix shows in New York, use a VPN! It can change your location and give you a virtual IP address. The Netflix server will start showing up the content from your virtual site.  

This means that you get access to unlimited Netflix server locations. You should keep in mind, though, that Netflix can sometimes recognize the use of a VPN. If this happens, the streaming will stop until you turn the VPN off. Although there are still some Netflix VPNs that work, and you will have no problem using those.   

#3: Secure Smart Home  

Any device that uses the internet is susceptible to an attack. So, this includes all devices in your home, including smart TVs, phones, and even smart refrigerators! A VPN is not just for your laptop or computer only. In fact, you can secure your entire smart home. Using a VPN with your router can create a secure pathway for all your connected devices. The data is sent and received through a secure tunnel keeping all your devices safe from potential attacks.  

You can set up an external VPN for your router manually. The configuration might be complicated, but there is plenty of guidance available online.  

#4: Verify Geotargeting Features  

Geotargeting is a great feature that most digital marketers are using. It allows them to target people in a specific location with ads. It is no use to get clicks from people in a country you don’t operate in. Hence, targeting an area can help in reaching the right target audience. While most advertising mediums like Google and Facebook don’t mess this up, you can never be sure.  

A great way to verify that your ad is reaching the right people is to use a VPN. You can turn the VPN on for a specific location and type some relevant search keywords. If everything is working well, your ads should pop up on any target website you choose. If they don’t, you might want to use another geotargeting service.  

#5: Anonymously Post Online  

Many websites allow users to post comments anonymously. You might think that you are safe, but the website has access to your IP address. They might not have your name or email ID, but you aren’t fully anonymous either. So, if you are posting something sensitive to the political environment, you might want to do it more securely. Using a VPN will give you an IP address that no one can link with your actual location.  

You still have to be careful while using cookies and other social media buttons. The internet is never truly safe, and you need to be clever on top of using a VPN. Shifting to an incognito window can also add a layer of security. You should be careful and not fall for tracking-related tricks online. 

Fawad Malik

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