5 Smartphone Technologies People Would Love To Use By 2020

We can’t deny that two years is not a long time and when 2020 comes in, the smartphones that we’re sing might just look way different from what they are now. In fact, it might even happen that smartphones would take their leave and be replaced with some other form of mini wearable tech gadget. Four years back, we were taken aback by the Nexus S and the iPhone 4S and similarly by the time we reach 2020, we might again be surprised by the other technologies that replace the technology of smartphones.

The mobile phone manufacturing companies have started a research to know about the various innovations that people look forward to have in their smartphones within the next 2-3 years. Here are few innovations that you may look forward to. Take a look.

#1: Improved sensors

During 2015, smartphones could be locked and unlocked with the help of fingerprints and yet another technology of iris scanners is on its way but there are lots more that are yet to come. It could happen that the smartphones of the future could identify you according to the pattern of the way you type, the tonal quality of your voice and even by your walking posture, thereby eliminating the requirement of PINs and patterns. In short, 2020 would make it even more impossible for others to invade your smartphones. People would even love to use more monitoring and sensors included within smartphones.

#2: Smart home screens

In 2017, the smartphones are already customized by Siri, Google Now and Cortana. Along with the development of this software, the technology will offer the mobile manufacturers the chance to take a step ahead with home screen icons. By the time we reach 2020, mobile home screens will be powered by artificial intelligence. You can anticipate that the various digital assisting apps will get more intuitive and advanced. The home screens of everyone would look different from each other.

Smartphone technologies

#3: Foldable electronic gadgets

You must have been awaiting those flexible screens of mobile phones to be turned to reality. By the time we reach 2020, there’s a strong hope that the smartphones can be folded, scrunched, bent and even shrunk in any way catering to the requirements of the users. Although it is a bit too ambitious to predict that the mobile phone manufacturers will accomplish this goal within the next 5 years, yet it seems that mobile phones of the near future would change sizes as demanded.

#4: Goodbye to exhausted batteries

For smartphone owners in 2017, battery life has been a persistent and never-ending problem and if the manufacturing companies could eliminate this problem for good, there are many other technologies which will keep improving. There is wireless charging that works whenever you put down your phones and once the technology gets imperative in offices, coffee shops and gyms, anyone’s mobile phone can remain charged throughout the entire day without you worrying about it.

#5: Virtual Reality will take over

Virtual Reality has already arrived in a huge way in 2016 but you must have noticed that it is still expensive and bulky. It is pretty too costly to predict that augmented realities and virtual realities will become the standard technology for the smartphones which are going to hit the stores by 2020. The Gear VR will offer us a sneak-peak of everything that is possible when you can combine it with virtual reality.

Therefore, when you’re wondering about the latest technologies that will come in 2020, take into account the above mentioned ones. Make sure you use them to their utmost level so that you can reap the benefits.


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