3 Effective Ways to Keep Your Small Business Data Safe

Have you worked hard to build a successful small business from the ground up? One more thing you want to focus is your company’s confidential information that may become compromised. These days, it seems like you can’t turn on the news or open a paper without hearing shocking news about digital information theft. After getting their hands on sensitive data, information thieves can essentially destroy the most prosperous company. Although your company has not yet been affected by this disturbing new trend, you have to be careful hereafter.

Fortunately, keeping your company’s important data out of the wrong hands is easier than you may think. If you’re determined to keep your small business’s confidential information safe from cybercriminals and other disreputable characters, utilize the following tips.

Utilize Reliable Network Security Software

To ensure that your company’s data remain safe from cyber-attacks perpetrated by hackers and information thieves, you’ll need to equip your business’s computer resources with high-quality of network security software. The right security software will be able to guard against cyber-attacks, virus propagation and a whole host of other digital threats.

If you are shopping around for the right network security software, you can’t go wrong with the dependable products from Trend Micro. Trend Micro is a name that small business owners associate with reliability. This is because this has a proven history of stopping cybercriminals in their tracks,

Destroy Your Paper Documents

Despite the growing prevalence of cybercrime, many information thieves still engage in the practice of dumpster diving. A notable number of criminals continue to rifle through the dumpsters of small businesses and private citizens and make off with important documents like bank account statements, payroll records and confidential correspondences.

Using these documents, a skilled information thief can find his way into your bank account, leak important communications and even engage in blackmail.

To prevent this from happening, don’t forget to purchase an industrial-sized shredder for your workplace. This type of shredder will enable you to destroy a large number of documents in one fell swoop. Alternatively, you can enter into a contract with a company that specializes in destroying business documentation. Although many of these companies require clients to sign annual contracts, some of them allow you to pay for visit basis.

Recycle Your Old Computers

Recycle Your Old Computers

In addition to targeting paper documents, many dumpster divers go after old computers. With the information found on these computers’ hard drives, criminals can easily gain access to confidential data and wreak havoc on your company’s finances. Fortunately, you can keep your information safe and reduce your business’s carbon footprint by taking all of your company’s old computers to a licensed e-waste recycling center.

At this licensed e-waste recycling center, your old PCs will have their hard drives wiped and stripped for reusable components. As an added bonus, many e-waste recycling centers will reward donations with tax-deductible receipts.

With the rise of cybercrime and information theft, modern-day small business owners have to be extra vigilant when it comes to keeping their data safe. Luckily, with a steady amount of perseverance and a little bit of technological know-how, you can keep your business’s confidential information out of the wrong hands for years to come.

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